Human Interface

User-centered interactions and graphical user interface.

In modern technology, the interface is commonly the only thing that connects a user with the product, service or tool. Through interface design we are able to manipulate and augment the customer experience and its behavior.

UX Design Methodology

The core values of successful UX design

Information Architecture

Being the pitfall for many large enterprises, a flexible and agile IA system is required to avoid your platform to become obsolete.


The world has been using software for a while and we have cultivated an understanding of how an interface works. Whenever possible we try to use the users prior knowledge to our advantage.

Adaptive Viewports

Traditional responsive frameworks do not cut it by our book. We look at each device and its viewport individually and design an optimized interface.


Whether it is a google crawlers indexing your site or a blind person navigating your site, during development we adhere and validate according to the WCA guidelines.


A strong user experience is rooted in the logic of the hierarchy. A defined hierarchy structure that remains flexible is essential and helps to adhere to the 3 click principle in UX.


Function over form is a fundamental design principle that works over many domains and industry. This does not mean that aesthetics are not important, it means that a Porsche without an engine is not a car.

Responsive Design

As well as being responsive to the viewport, responsive design is also essential in terms of interaction feedback. Color syntax design, subtle interactions and asynchronous processing can help the user to remain oriented within the GUI.

Analytics and KPI's

Results often get polluted by the amount of variables. In the design process the product climate is simplified so we can attribute the analytics to product changes.

Minimal Viable Product

The product will yield the best results if the design process is infinite. Because budgets are not, it's important to start testing with a minimal viable product and iterate from there.

Validated Learning

Continious testing within controlled environments is essential to obtain good data and validate our user task flows and hypothesis. This process is important to regard as an early part of the roadmap as this leaves room for iteration and deviation.

.NET Software GUI

Internal Application User Interface

Internal application that follows and guides a investment interview with a client.

Focus attention

Guide users completing a task

Recent research in neuroscience shows that attention spans are rapidly declining. There is much that a good interface can do to keep attention of the user. For whether the end goal is to have better conversion rates, more leads, better usability or to increase productivity.

Focus windows are also very useful for when a UI with a consistent user base modifies or changes the features. Modal boxes and focus screens can show up when needed to educate the user on the changes.